Basic Top Outfit

My life has literally been a nonstop roller coaster. School has started, plus the other 100 things I was doing. I never have any time for myself especially when it comes to my outfit choices. Since I am always on the move I have to just grab something and put it on. I rarely have time to spend choosing an outfit and making it up. My go to outfit for any day is the basic tee outfit.

      This outfit is literally for any person regardless of size or height. Any clothing store sales basic tees and I have stocked up on them. You can not only pair the tee with jeans but even explore your style and pair it with a skirt or leggings. Below are  outfits for inspiration if you are wanting to try one.
*picutres from Pinterest

My 5 favorite drugstore products


Below are my favorite drugstore products. I love these products so much that they have been repurchased. I own more drugstore products than I do high end products. It was hard to choose my top 5 when I love so many drugstore products.
I love mascara!!! My favorite piece of makeup. The things I look for in a mascara are: volume and the shade: very black. The NYC Skyrise Mascara gives me both.
I have recently fell in love with clear nail polish. I have always used a clear coat over my colored nail polish but recently have only used a clear coat. I love how the clear polish makes my nails look so natural.
 I have been in search of a nude lip gloss and I finally found one. I love this elf gloss. Blends in very well and the brush is different for me but I love it.
I love a good brush! This real techniques brush is by far my favorite brush ever. I literally use it for everything. Great quality for the price.
Eye shadow platelets  are a must for me. I love platelets with just a couple of shades because they are just so convenient. Pink is defiantly my favorite color, so I just had to buy!