Desk Essentials

Today I will be sharing items that are on my desk. My desk is well organized with just a few things placed on it. I am not a person who normally spends hours and hours at their desk. I typically use my desk for writing (blog post), reading books & magazines, eating lol, makeup, and I’m typically on my phone. So below are some things that lie on my desk.

Journal / Organizer 

I love writing in my journal. It’s not my diary of course but a place for me to write down my favorite quotes, ideas I have, places I want to travel, anything that I feel really interest me enough to write down. If you are some one who is a busy person having a organizer can really be beneficial to staying organized.

Sticky Notes 
I have collected so many sticky note pads that I leave them all around the house. I use my sticky notes if I do not have my journal or my phone to write down something real quick. Sticky notes are very convenient and plus they can stick to places.
A Book / Magazine 
I love sitting at my desk catching up on my magazine subscriptions or just finishing a good book.
Lip Balm
Chapstick is a must! My lips get dry often so having a lip product near by is essential.
Snacks/ Gum/ Drink
I fell that I often get distracted or become bored easily. I distract my bored self by eating. I absolutely love to eat. Having a quick snack or even some gum near by can get me through the day until my next meal.
Pens/ Pencils/ Sharpies
You have to have something to write with. I love having all 3 on my desk just because I like to do different types of writing and drawing

Spray on Deodorant & Lotion

I would never think in a million years that I would go to the local drugstore and discover a product that enables me to spray my deodorant & lotion on. This world is literally amazing!

IMG_3845I first discovered spray on products when I was sent spray on deodorant to try. I was sponsored by a company to try this product and give my feedback. I was in sports season so when I received the product it was perfect timing. I instantly fell in love. Since then I have purchased spray on deodorant regularly. I can say that it last about the same time as powder deodorant. From my understanding Dove & Degree are the only brands that make spray on deodorant. However, with this trending becoming more popular I’m sure many companies will invest in this. When looking at other reviews many people loved the product but were not a fan of the smell. There is a smell present but it does not bother me, it goes away pretty fast. The spray does dry fast and is invisible which is wonderful! I felt when using invisible powder deodorant (Dove) that sometimes I did notice some product was visible. With the spray on deodorant I never noticed any visibility. As mention before I believe Dove & Degree only make this product, I myself have only tried Degree spray on deodorant. I am a Dove user so when my Degree runs out I will try the Dove spray on.

I loved spray on deodorant so much that when I saw spray on lotion go on sale I had to try. Just like the deodorant I love IMG_3844the lotion. If you ever tried spray on sunscreen then spray on lotion is very similar. I do not use spray on lotion everyday just because I still like just plain regular lotion. It mostly gets used during summetime and if I am on the go. When I went to take a picture of my lotion I discovered that it made Allure’s 2013 Best of Beauty Award. Earlier I mention how I thought these products we’re very new when in fact the lotion has been around for some time. I really which I had discovered this a long time ago.

Although I was originally sent Degree spray on deodorant to review this is not a sponsored review. Simply my own opinion that I wanted to personally share. My first Degree spray on deodorant was sent to me. I then purchased another one (pictured above) with my own money. The lotion was also paid with my own money. 

Get Ready in a Hurry Look


Oh no you overslept and you’re running late. You choose to skip breakfast just so you could have time to do your makeup. 10 mins, that’s all the time you have left. Well don’t worry I got you covered!
Skip the foundation and use BB Cream. BB Cream is lightweight compared to foundation, so it will be easier to blend in. Although BB Cream doesn’t cover up all blemish as a foundation will, BB Cream gives you a nice bronze glow which is perfect during summertime. Use a concealer to cover up these blemishes. When I’m in a hurry I prefer to use a concealer stick instead of liquid concealer just because the concealer stick I can just blend in with my hand unlike liquid whereas I have to grab my brush and blend it in. Also don’t forget to cover up your dark circles under the eye. I mean you just woke up late so you must be tired.
Eyes are next. You might spend a lot of time on your eyes. Preparing them with a primer, apply coats on top of coats, putting on mascara, and using eyeliner. Yeah but guess what you don’t have time for all of that. So grab a small eyeshadow platte and use this for your coats, that way you don’t have to use more than one platte. Next apply mascara that you know has volume and is easy to apply.
Oh no, your lips are dry with no tint to them. Well there are tons of lip balms that have tints to them. Grab one of these. I would not use lip gloss or lipstick just because your need moisture and many lip gloss and lipsticks don’t offer that.
Okay now you have covered all areas with your face and you are ready to go out and brighten this world up. Remember less is more!!
Products Mention: BB Cream | Concealer | Eyeshadow | Mascara | Lip Balm |

Target Beauty Box


Recently I have taken a short break from beauty boxes; only because I had so many to keep up with. I knew target released their beauty boxes every so often so when I heard they released one I decided to go ahead and buy. Target offered two boxes to choose from.

When I ordered the boxes(July 14), which were $5 each, I noticed the shipping arrival was July 28. That is a two week time frame. However, the boxes arrived on July 20 (less than a week). I was so excited that these beauty boxes arrived quickly.
Packing: The packing was honestly a gift itself. The items came in a black box filled with green tissue paper inside. Also inside was a detailed list of the products plus a coupon!
Overall Impression: Honestly best beauty box out there. Full size products that cater to the average female. I will honestly buy these boxes every time they are released. Not only were the products amazing but the packing was so nice I will be reusing. I also loved that they included a coupon inside that can be used in store and online.
Head of the Class Beauty Box: 
Items Included: 
My Favorites: I love mascara, it’s my favorite beauty product. Anytime I get a new tube of mascara I get excited. I gave my mom the Covergirl Lip Gloss and she seems to enjoy it very well. I use hair elastics everyday and currently I am running out.  I was so glad that Target included the Goody Hair Elastics in the beauty box.
Honor Roll Beauty Box: 
Items Included:
My Favorites: The Covergirl Primer retails at $9.79 which is more than the box itself. I have been in search of a primer so this couldn’t come in a better time. I’ve only used it a handful of times so I can’t give my overall opinion on it.
I love NYX products, especially their lip products. I was excited to get another one of their butter glosses. I was also happy that they Olay body wash came in the box. I have sampled this product before and fell in love with it. I was happy to get another one in the box.